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shinji cried for our sins.

those unannounced fireworks in dc tonight were in bad taste IMO. there was an explosion and pepe vandalism in my neighborhood YESTERDAY.

@harblinger one thing that interests me is the recurring theme in both of their music of violence inherent in social structure.

@harblinger i’ve been keeping an eye on them and a few more russian musicians. there’s something interesting brewing over there culture-wise. I watched a translated interview with shortparis that spent way too much time on whether they were the voice of a generation. I don’t think 3 LPs is that but I can totally see a russian form of kpop become a thing. IC3PEAK is great too, their collab with ghostmane is 👌

Cool cool. So like, fuck Biden now. I don’t have any specific points but fuckem.

TIL the russian name for the hebrew god is pronounced “bok”

re: alc

@thegibson as you should be. all the trust we put into simple adhesives is mind boggling.

re: alc

@thegibson just the fungi gift to the world

to musician that hasn't made music in a while.

don't stress it, you'll do it again.

you'll always be a musician and you won't keep that soul inside forever.

@rw @alex
I read that as "where you were" and I swear to God I was just walking past the capitol.

if stadia doesn't get atomic heart it failed as a platform

I'm might be too hyped for atomic heart

re: I hate smart phones

@swaggboi i have a mountain of 18650s so im not worried about batteries.

my latest toy is a $15 flashlight that is providing me far more entertainment than the pixel 4 did.

re: I hate smart phones

@swaggboi they’re still making phones. they don’t seem to want to innovate unless a tier 1 is paying for it. same issue with the vive, valve did the pushing.

personally I can’t get excited about expensive technology anymore. it’s all minor iterations now. if they aren’t willing to support their devices for longer than 3 years then fuck it I’ll do it myself.

I hate smart phones
@swaggboi I'm back on my pixel 2, I missed having normal screens that fit in my hand.
I gave away the pixel 4

my freespeech costs me $5 a month

hrm, vandalism and an explosion in navy yard on the same doesn’t seem odd to yall? this is all just outside the secured national mall.